C-Cape Outdoor Blinds Unique Technology.

C-Cape Outdoor Blinds keep out the sun, wind and rain from your home. Create an outside room for your home and entertain all year round. It’s essential to choose heavy duty external roller blinds that will withstand the harsh South Australian weather conditions. All of our outdoor blinds are designed and manufactured in Australia so you have the advantage of great prices, local fitting and design expertise guaranteed.
Cut 45% of Heat, Keep Out 95% of Rain.

C-Cape Outdoor Blinds provide a range of high quality, locally produced outdoor blinds made for:

Pergolas & Patios
Sporting Facilities
Factory Recreation Areas

You can choose from clear or tinted PVC blinds. We will help you choose an outdoor blind that will compliment your patio, alfresco or verandah area. You will love having guests over year round without having to worry about the weather – enjoy the view outdoors while remaining protected from sun, wind or rain.

Retractable, Flexible & Adjustable Blinds.

C-Cape Outdoor Blinds are retractable, you’ll like saving cash on your electric bills due to temperature regulation – 10-25% of your electric bills are afflicted by both your home window and blind choice.